Managed Security Services
Simplify and strengthen your security status with PCTECHNZ Managed Security Services

How do you Manage your Security?

There are as many solutions to IT security as there are threats. In order to protect themselves from viruses, malware and other cyber-security threats, many companies have ended up managing a plethora of security tools. Management of this multi-tool approach is resource intensive and its fragmented nature is a threat in itself. Blind spots, overlaps and redundancies combine to create vulnerabilities and consume resources.

Are you Secure?

PCTECHNZ offers an Infrastructure Security Audit which evaluates the security of a company’s information system by measuring how well it conforms to a set of established criteria.

Managed Endpoint Security from PCTECHNZ

PCTECHNZ Managed Endpoint Security services delivers a complete IT infrastructure security service. We provide high-performance endpoint, mobile, web and server security as well as unified threat management in partnership with Sophos.

Sophos Central covers a huge range of security controls including anti-virus, spam, USB lock, ransomware detection, malware, zero-day vulnerabilities and malicious software.

With PCTECHNZ you can be sure of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information, data and IT services. You can also be sure that your risk is minimised.

Benefits of Our Managed Security Services

Automate update, patches and policy enforcement

Reducaed costs of maintaining and supporting security in house

A single view of your infrastructure security health through our portal

Full security lifecycle management


A single security partner


Constant protection with live updates and proactive monitoring