Technical Services
Effective and efficient design, deployment, and resourcing of your entire ICT environment
Technical Expertise and Resources Effectively Integrated within your organisation IT environment
You need an experienced long-term partner to support your successful digital transformation. We at PCTECHNZ can help you deploy your solutions effectively and efficiently through our technical skills and experience, and our project management capabilities.
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Our offerings

Design Services

Design and implement new technology solutions that add quantifiable value to your business anywhere in New Zealand


Deployment Services

Use our skilled resources to confidently design, build, deliver, and deploy solutions anywhere in New Zealand


Staffing Solutions

We give you the flexibility to increase your technical and project management skills on an ad hoc basis or through our contracted team



High-level Design
describes all the major components of entire solution and how they conceptually work together to deliver value to you and your organisation. It includes the architecture for the proposed implementation and including systems, platforms, services, and processes.
Low-level Design
creates a formal design document with all the required details needed for the implementation of the design includes configuration, security, performance, and scalability parameters.                                      
Proof of concept
delivers a scaled model of the working solution put together at our offices in order to trial the solution before deployment.