Infrastructure Security Audit
Keep your security in line with your digital business and protect your company

Is your infrastructure secure?

Despite the investments companies have made in technology, without a continuous detailed audit of its effectiveness and a proactive element to its management, it is unlikely to be 100 percent effective.

The true value of a secure infrastructure is only visible at the detailed level – it’s not appropriate to expect a one-size-fits-all approach to work for every company.

Today most organisations tasked with the need to deliver, which includes the operation for IT systems and data security. Securing your business goes beyond just implementing some firewall rules, anti-virus software and data backup solutions. Today, it requires a comprehensive, programmatic approach.

The average data breach takes 210 days to be detected and some never.

Just think about how much damage have been caused before you even are aware. An infrastructure security audit sets you up to help prevent breaches by finding areas where you may be exposed.

Infrastructure Security Audit

An Infrastructure Security Audit evaluates the security of a company's information system my measuring how well if conforms to a set of established criteria.

The bigger your company is, the more likely it is that there is a moral and even legal requirement to undertake regular audits. No matter what size, an external assessment should be conducted to minimise your chances of being one of the 47% of companies that security specialists expect to be breached this year.

A trusted and experienced team PCTECHNZ consultants have vast experience in delivering security solutions and audits.

Benefits of a Security Audit

Minimise risk to your business


Find vulnerabilities before they find you


Protect your business from cybersecurity threats


Experienced at performing security audits

We provide a clear set of actions

Efficient management and administration

Easy to work with at executive and technical level