Data Storage
Simplify the way your organisation store your data to ensure uptime and storage efficiencies

Accessible and Secure Storage

As data storage requirements grow exponentially, businesses are increasingly investing in accessible and secure storage infrastructure. Installing, configuring, maintaining and managing this storage can be costly.

At PCTECHNZ, we start by understanding your storage requirement. A thorough data analysis will identify the business value and statutory importance of storage to you – so that we can identify the most secure, cost-effective and efficient storage solution. Developing a storage strategy, we ensure maximum performance of applications, access to data efficiently and minimise the risk to business caused by an uncontrolled disaster or legal compliance issues.

Once we understand the requirements of your business we consider and recommend storage technologies available, taking into account your current and future needs. We look at offsite and on-premises data-centre solutions and identify any external supports required such as Backup as a Service or bursting out to the cloud.

Storage Partners

PCTECHNZ works with market leading vendors to bring the latest in technology advancements to our clients in the design of their solutions. Considering the complexity of options, budgets and business need will be an important part in choosing the appropriate architecture and designs.

Benefits of Our Data Storage Solutions

Gain control of your IT environment

Simplify and consolidate your storage

Reduce operational risk

Achieve non-disruptive operations without compromising performance

Dynamically match your storage capacity to your needs

Improve utilisation and storage efficiency