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Apple Mac Technical Support
Whangarei Apple Support - Get piece of mind with regular checkups on your Mac. Understanding the needs of individual and small business Mac users PCTECHNZ has developed the "Quick Fix" service. The Quick Fix service provides a twice a year check up on your Mac's plus you don’t have to bring it in. The service meets the requirements of keeping your Mac healthy and up to date without the effort of you needing to do anything.
Whangarei Quick Fix
The PCTECHNZ Mac Quick Fix program creates value and simplicity at every opportunity. Starting with the collection and delivery facility. All items are collected and delivered free of charge within 20km of Whangarei. We have not left other area’s out so if you are not in this zone let us know and we will make a plan. We have specially designed packages that can have equipment collected on Friday’s and delivered on Monday mornings before work starts or if you prefer anytime during the week. If that is still challenging weekend arrangements can be made.